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Antique Jeeps parked by Snake River


is our hobby business that started because we owned several Dodge M-37's some Power Wagons and a Kaiser M-715. We found there were several parts and modifications not available anywhere, so we set out to correct the problem.

We primarily work on our own personal collection of military vehicles and my son's muscle cars. These can be seen in the various photo galleries on this site.

While working with the Saginaw columns I developed a tilt steering column conversion for the M-37 and the M-715, along with the proper u-joints to adapt to either the Flaming River column or the original column in the M-37.

Please select from the links on the right side of the page to view the parts we make for the various vehicles.


It's a good bet that when you're kicking back at your local bar, the last thing on your mind is where the barley in your beer came from. And even further from your mind is where the equipment came from to grow and harvest that barley. But that's exactly where Howell Farms and this YouTube video from comes in.


Select the Howell Farms In Idaho link to see what we do here in the summer to make a living.


Click on the U.S. Army Winter Training Camp to read about the U.S. Army Winter Training Camp - West Yellowstone Montana that was actually under construction before Camp Hale in Colorado.

The Railroad Comes To Ashton is a collection of old photos, images, and newspaper clippings that highlight the railroad's start in Ashton, Idaho.

Click on Bear Gulch Ski Basin to read about the 2nd oldest ski area in Idaho along with pictures.

Click on the History of Warm River, Idaho to read about the early days of the smallest incorporated town in the State of Idaho.


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