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M-37 & M-715 Hub to Gama Goat
Rim And Wheel Adapter

These are getting to be less popular as the supply of tires diminishes. I have left this page up for your info, and we can still sell the adapters upon special request.

Click on Photo for a larger view Flat steel plate adapters converts the 11:00 x 18 Gama Goat tire and rim to bolt up to the five hole Bud on the M-37 or the six hole Bud on the M-715. We now have available the standard 8 hole plate for 3/4 & 1 ton applications. This adaptation improves gas mileage and increases road speed by about 5 mph. Air pressure can be run as low as 10-15 PSI.

For example, the standard 9:00 x 16 is 112" in circumference. 
The Gama Goat 11:00 x 18 is 126" in circumference and 40" tall.
An increase of 1.125, or an increase of 45 mph to 50.6 mph.

Offset for the various tires by laying them on the floor and measuring to the dish is as follows: M-715 71/2" M-37 83/4" Gama Goat conversion 61/2". So the Gama Goats tend to stick out farther to the outside than the standard tires.

Adapters plates are 16 3/4" in diameter and are machined out of 3/8 inch steel on a computerized CNC machine, with the proper tapers milled in for the lug nuts. The outside edges are also beveled to fit snugly into the Gama Goat rim. Each plate weighs 20 lbs.

The standard M-37 3/4 ton or the 1 1/4 ton M-715 cargo truck accepts these wheels with out any problems. The entire tire will stick out 3" beyond stock fenders on the M-37 and 1 1/2" on the M-715 giving a wider stance to the vehicle. However, expect some mud on your outfit. Increased flotation, and clearance is increased to 13" under the pumpkins. This conversion works great with stock gears and motor to give a more comfortable road speed, and keeps the "military look".

Bolt kit consists of 32 9/16 x 1 1/2" fine thread - grade 5 bolts with lock washers and nuts.

The 11:00 x 18" non-directional tires are available in new to good condition at the below listed price. People have asked my opinion on the performance of non-directional tires and I can say that they work great in blow sand and great in mud. With a V-8 engine, they are unstoppable in soft conditions

Price on a set of four plates with bolts is $530

I do not carry tires. Tires are available in the west from the SMITH & EDWARDS in Ogden, UT They said that they still have a semi-trailer load of real nice tires for $90.00 each. Contact Larry Johnson at (801)731-1120.  Alex at Idaho Motor Pool in Fruitland Idaho carries them from time to time. (208)452-5335

In the east, call HARRISON MOBILE TIRE SERVICE in Jackson, TN at 731-423-8210, ask for Ricky. RIV-RAD in Summerdale, Alabama still has some very nice tires for $110.00 each. This is as of 3/15/2005. Peter Fitzpatrick in Houlton, ME at 207-532-9035 has 36 nice tires and rims as of March 2006.

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