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M37 Parts

All reproduction parts to do front panel
$60 ea


LU-4 top plate, custom or original $30
Bottom rod, steel or aluminum $25
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Troop seat brackets. Both end brackets and center support bracket $90

Jump Seat Hardware $45

Lower Seat Channel to be welded to bed.   $7.50


Jump Seat Hardware
Goes behind spare tire. $45

"J" Hooks: These are the shorter ones.
Please pay attention to length   $10 ea

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Carb Kits
Carter Ball & Ball $45
Carter Military ETWI with governor $45

Square Periphery Washers in various finishes.
Prices per each listed below:

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Dodge Selectro Classic Hubs
for the M-37 $275 pair

not available

Also available:

  • Back channel pieces for the winches on the M-211 - M-135 series $35
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Fiberglass hardtops
for the M-37.

I do not stock these tops any longer as shipping is a major problem. BOYCE EQUIPMENT also handles these, and they are closer to the manufacturer. Try them at 800-748-4269. Or feel welcome to call the manufacturer and see if pick-up arrangements can be made. SUPERIOR FIBERGLASS, INC. Salt Lake City, UT 801-266-7629.

These fiberglass hard tops have been made here in the west by the same manufacturer for the past 30 years. They do have 5 shallow ribs on the top which make it self supporting.

Shipping companies classify the fiberglass hardtops as high liability, and may run as high as $450 to ship. It is best to pick-up or arrange delivery via private means.

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