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Power Steering Conversions

The Power Steering Box that we are using is the Saginaw unit and cast iron bracket found on the 1974-1978 Dodge 4x4 pick-ups. Another box that works is the 1983-1991 Chevy-GMC van that came with a gasoline engine either 1/2 or 3/4 ton.

You can obtain these boxes from your local salvage yard, or purchase from my stock of rebuilt steering boxes from LARES CORP.

Be aware that the older Dodge box uses standard inverted flare fittings. The GM application box uses ( O-ring bump fittings ) which may require adapters to convert to the inverted flares.

The Saginaw box and bracket will bolt right up to the side of the frame in about the same position as the original manual box. Two holes will have to be drilled and a small angle iron bracket will have to be welded to the top of the frame to catch the upper hole of the bracket.

The M-37 pitman arm will usually connect with no problems to the Saginaw unit. The original steering column will be cut above the old steering box and the outer tube will be cut up inside the firewall and a bearing that I provide is installed on the firewall to support the inner steering shaft. Some minor cuts will have to be made to the inner fender skirt to accommodate the steering hoses.

There will be an extra $15.00 charge for custom boring if you elect to use the original steering column.

The other alternative that our company now provides, if you wish to completely modify your M-37, is the addition of a modern Flaming River steering column. These are especially nice if you wish to convert to 12v, and have turn signals, 4 way flashers, and a tilt steering wheel. They come complete with a GM style wiring harness. Be aware that the old original steering wheel will not fit. You will have to convert over to a more modern 3/4 in - 36 spine steering wheel common to GM applications.

Saginaw Steering Gear Box

Saginaw Steering Gear Box
LARES CORP rebuilt box $350.00

Saginaw Steering Box Bracket

Saginaw Steering Box Bracket
New production or used take-off $90.00

Steering Box Bracket

Steering Box Bracket for 1946 - 68 WDX - WM300
For all parts shown $225

Bracket For Ford Power Steering Pump

Bracket For Ford Power Steering Pump
Fits either 230 or 251 Canadian $90.00

Power Steering Hoses

Power Steering Hoses
Fits either Dodge or GM application box $80
Adapters need to go to
pump or GM app box $15 each

Ford Power Steering Pump

Ford Power Steering Pump - $130

Flaming River U-Joint Set Up

Flaming River U-Joint Set Up
Snake River is one of the highest-stocking
dealers of FR parts in Idaho
2 u-joints and intermediate shaft to do M-37 $190
If connecting to original column, custom boring $15


Bearing and Flange for M-37 Firewall
When using original column $25

Flaming River Steering Column

Flaming River Steering Column
Measures 1 3/4 in diameter for M-37 $390
Call us for your custom steering column needs.


Column Brackets
Left Bracket for original Saginaw
Steering Column and fits under dash $12
Right Bracket for Flaming River
Column on firewall $15
(Bracket included in FR column purchase.)

Click for a larger Photo

In the picture on the left, the yellow dot marks the small starter hole which you will need to enlarge to 1/2" to bolt the front of the bracket. In the picture on the right, you can see that the bottom hole will be drilled through the frame. Then on top of the frame a piece of angle iron will need to be welded to bolt the top hole of the bracket.

We can provide both hoses for the Dodge application box. The Chevrolet application (1983-1991 gas vans) uses "O" ring bump fittings, so it is best to keep the original discharge hose, and then we can provide the proper adapter fitting and new hose for the pressure side.

Step by step instructions will be included. I will sell you all, or parts and pieces as you wish. Cost does not include shipping. If you have any further questions, please call.  Shop (208) 652-3450, if no answer: Cell (208) 313-7300

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