Weasel Parts

As of March 2013 I have not done any of these bands for a while. They do work but are labor intensive on both ends. The weasel community is hoping that the new bands being cast in Czechoslovakia will be available in the United States. Here is a link to their site: Weasel Club Prague

I do, however, have the following. Call us at (208)652-3450 for info.

  • AFLA carb kits for $45.00
  • An extra T-15 weasel that I have started to restore and is for sale
  • An extra set of T-15 rear stowage boxes for sale
T-15 weasel # 186 getting ready for restorations.

T-15 weasel # 186 getting ready for restorations.

Laser cut plates

Laser cut plates to go on outer band for Type 3 track.

splice area

The photo shows the splice area where the outer bands are overlapped and the inner bands are butted up on the same grouser plate. The Type 2 track is shown with the plates being used on the outer bands.

cross bars

The Type 2 cross bars are zinc plated, the Type 3 cross bars are powder coated black. Shown in the picture is a totally rebuilt Type 2 track, with 56 grouser plates on the 2-1/4" - 4-1/2" grouser pitch.

hex bolt heads

In this picture, we are using standard hex bolt heads that do touch the edge of the drive sprocket. A button headed bolt will give a little more clearance. As of March 10, 2005, I have put about 50 miles on this track, and I am very well pleased. Runs smooth, with very little snow buildup.

splice a completely "broken" track

The best way that I found to splice a completely "broken" track, using 2 ratcheting straps to suck the two parts together. 

weasel m29c
Photo 8
Photo 9
T-15 weasel restoration

T-15 weasel restoration in progress as of June 2009


I wanted to send you some pictures of the new inner and outer bands on the tracks I bought from you a while back.  They have been on the weasel for about a year now or so, and the are holding up great. Didn’t drove a whole lot of miles, but playing a little with it, sharp corners, no problems… great machine.
I made a little compilation on YouTube about the restoration of my weasel. Here is the link: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=uePEC0OTuY8
Regards and greetings out of wet Holland,
-- Ton Krowinkel hiik

OSS T-15 training video   http://www.realmilitaryflix.com/public/441.cfm

One set of reproductions boxes for the T-15. $POR Call for Price

Proper carb kits for the weasel $40.00

Outer band for Type 2 as shown below. $500.00 per 2 strips to do one track. This includes cross bars.

Outer band for Type 3 per 2 strips to do one track. $500.00. This includes cross bars.

Outer band material is 1/2 " thick and is 700 foot pound test material. This belting is new and has been used for years in the AG industry. Inner bands are 3/4" in thickness. $350.00 for 2 strips to do one track. Inner bands are typically used rock belt that has been hand selected. New material is very expensive. Bolts for bands are more easily purchased locally, rather than ship the additional weight.

Banding installed on a Type 2 track. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Inner banded "butted" together, outer bands overlapped.